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About American Heavy Equipment Training

Mission Statement
To Operate an accredited training school that produces a safety conscious, professional graduate who is an immediate asset to any construction company, fulfill an industry need of future equipment operators, and seek out opportunities for future growth and advancement.

American Heavy Equipment Training's Policy is to promote and practice equal and fair opportunity for employment and education. American Heavy Equipment Training does not practice any form of discrimination against employees, applicants, or students for admission or employment on the basis of sex, race, ethnic origin or religion. American Heavy Equipment Training is dedicated and committed to complying with all federal, state, and local laws prohibiting discrimination.

American Heavy Equipment Training Course

The heavy construction, excavation, and earth moving industries are a diverse occupation that requires years of experience to master. American Heavy Equipment Training Course is designed to introduce and train an individual on the basic fundamentals and operational techniques pertaining to heavy equipment operations in the performance of earth moving, excavation, and site preparation for multiple construction applications. Students will be exposed to current terminology, learn pre and post operators maintenance checks, operating techniques on multiple types of heavy equipment, and their specific use in various construction applications.

Course Objective:
This training program is designed to graduate a safety conscience, professionally trained individual who will possess apprentice level knowledge and operating skills. The course outline will ensure that all students follow an established training schedule that will provide the education and training for entry-level operations of a variety of heavy construction equipment.

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